Peer Support Coordinator / Higher Ground Peer Support Center

Peer coordinators work with individuals in services to provide hope, encouragement, support, self-determination, and connection to the community. Peer coordinators plan and implement support and community-based activities for individuals in services and report progress or special problems to the agency supervisor. Transportation of clients using a 15-passenger van required. Peer Coordinators are responsible for all activities organized by their Peer Support Center (PSC). Peer Coordinators must be a person with lived experience who has met the criteria for a diagnosable mental, behavioral, substance abuse or emotional disorder at some point in their adult life.
Education: High School Diploma/GED required.
Licensure: Valid driver's license with "F" endorsement.
Certification: Within one year of hire, must obtain Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) certification from the Tennessee Dept. of Mental Health
Experience: Past/present utilization of mental health services required.
Knowledge/Skills: Verbal/written communication skills. Computer skills?
Computer, fax, GPS, copier, 15-passenger van and any other equipment required to perform the functions of the position.
Selects, trains, and evaluates performance of employees.
Organizes and schedules employee work activities.
Maintains a safe work environment by identifying and correcting potentially unsafe conditions and work practices.
Maintains a positive working climate within and across departmental functions
Implement goals and objectives established by the agency based on state contracts.
Meet regularly with supervisor with current financial report, client attendance, any incidents occurring which may require policy decision, staff performance reports and progress reports.
Ensure newsletter is written and distributed.
Provide transportation for individuals using services in 15-passenger van.
Complete monthly report on center attendance and activities
Make recommendations to supervisor for modifications in policies, procedures and programs as needed.
Organize and lead peer support activities and groups
Share progress and barriers with other staff providers, as applicable.
Perform the following fiscal administrative functions
Submit requests for maintenance of major and minor problems.
Approve all purchases and forward to immediate supervisor.
Approve and submit appropriate forms for payroll processing.
Prepare and coordinate calendar of activities for the Peer Support Center.
Responsible for day-to-day operations of the Peer Support Center, including fulfilling the same duties of a Peer Counselor when needed.
Attend and participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings and in-services and individual program planning staffings as needed.
All other duties as assigned.

Don't Be Fooled

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